Good morning! As promised, I'm back today! And it's time to share a little bit more about my recent reads.

I'm sure you've never heard of this series, so let me tell you a little about it.
I was loaned this book from a co-worker well over a year ago. She told me I would love it. I couldn't even finish the prologue. So, I put it down. Then I checked out the audio version from the library and thought maybe, just maybe, I could get into it that way. Well, I didn't make it much farther.
Then we decided to start watching the show. And I was hooked. (Corey didn't make it past the 2nd episode) After I had finished all of the episodes, I decided that I was going to read as many of the books as I could to fill the loss. 
When I picked up the book this time I understood who the characters were and how they fit. It wasn't so overwhelming meeting 10 new people every chapter. You might think that it would be "spoiler-y" but you get to know the characters in a much deeper way, and even make connections that you didn't see the first time through the show.
I've heard that the first book is pretty boring because it does follow the show so closely, so I am really excited to start the next book.
And, Miranda, if you are reading this, I can give you your book back now...


Laurie has done it again. To be fair this isn't really a recent read, because I read it when it came out several months ago, but I just needed to share about it. Her lead characters are always high school girls who have been through some stuff. Think, depression, rape, eating disorders... you know, some stuff. Hayley has lived with her father on the road for as long as she can remember, never staying in one place for too long. They are always trying to out run her father's demons. He was a soldier in Iraq and is suffering from PTSD, and hasn't found the help he needs. They move back to her father's home town so she can go to "real" school and have a "normal" life. While she is trying to figure all that out she also has to play mother to her father.
As you can imagine, she goes through some more stuff.
It's good y'all.
The author's father struggled with PTSD, so this was a really personal story for her, and you can tell. I highly recommend this one.
PS when I got to meet Laurie Halse Anderson.


This is by the same author of Margot, aka the book I couldn't put down and stayed up half the night to finish.
Searching for Sky was another one that I stayed up late to finish.
Sky and River have lived on Island since they were kids. That's all they know. When River spots a boat, they are taken to a strange land called California. When they arrive, they are separated, and must learn to function in this new world, when all they want to do is go back to Island.
My favorite thing about this book is how simply Sky sees the world. On Island, there were no buildings, no doors, no stairs, no toilets, so when she is "rescued" she has to learn all of these things and more. She has such an innocent, child-like perspective on things.
Jillian Cantor does such a brilliant job of showing us the world through Sky's fresh eyes. She also does a good job of ripping your heart out. So, beware!

And those are 3 of my recent reads. What have you been reading recently?
The next book I'm working on is Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo.


Good morning! It's Wednesday, and I've been missing all week.
On Friday, Corey's grandma passed away. We had a memorial service on Monday morning, and a private family gathering yesterday morning. I didn't get to know Grandma for very long, but I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to love her. She was such a tough, loyal, funny, creative woman. I loved hearing stories about her from the people that knew her best. She will surely be missed, but we know she isn't suffering anymore.

I'll be back to regular programming tomorrow


Good morning. Happy Friday to you. I hope you had a good week. I did! I got to see my daddy for about 6.5 minutes. He was in town for work and booked solid. So we literally parked on the side of the road to see each other for a second. It was nice though. It's the first time I've seen him since they moved to Atlanta.
Anyways... here are some links for your weekend!

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i love this style of swimsuit top.
sometimes i have to remind myself that i shouldn't buy every cute thing i see. 
i posted this on twitter yesterday, but this recipe looks amazing!
two ikea lamps get a midcentury makeover.
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I will be trying this no sew rug diy
don't worry, i got it.
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And for this weeks Game of Thrones links:
SPOILER: how they made the most fantastical fight scene look real. thanks CGI
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How many times have you walked into your closet and left saying this?
We all have said it plenty of times. What I've come to realize is that the things in my closet that i can wear, or want to wear are being hidden by all the excess. If i purged my closet, I would be able to see the things that were actually an option for the day.
Recently, I was at Jaime's house, and we purged her closet, and it helped me to set up some ground rules for my impending purge.

Toss it if:

it has holes, tears, stains, etc

you probably aren't going to patch the hole, you probably can't. chances are that stain has been there too long to ever be removed. it's just taking up space in your closet.

it doesn't fit

this one seems like a no brainer, but i have so many things in my closet that would fit if i just lost 5 pounds, but i've owned those things for a year and that hasn't happened, so chances are i'm not going to wear it.
this works not only for size, but if it just isn't flattering, or doesn't lay right. you aren't going to wear it, no matter how much you want to.
pants that are too short, shirts that are too long
and things you have to squeeze into

it's a formal outfit for that one occasion that one time

i'm looking at you every bridesmaid dress ever. no matter how much you think you can re-wear it. i have 3.

it's uncomfortable

that goes for shoes as well as any clothes. don't torture yourself. toss it!

it's a sentimental item that you don't wear

this one, i have a hard time with. but don't you think a nice photo of you wearing that outfit will be such a better reminder than having it hanging in your dark closet, all alone..?
i have a few things that i'm saving for my children. i have a tub that i'm storing them in to keep them out of the closet.

it's a guilt item

oh man. that super cute blazer you bought that was way over priced and not really your style that you've never worn. you know, just a hypothetical situation... yes, you paid too much, no you can't ever get that money back, but it's just taking up space and making you feel guilty every time you see it and don't wear it. toss it!

it is a multiple

how many variations of "black sweater" do you really need? the answer is probably not 4.

TOSS IT! I believe in you!

do you have any of these items in your closet? i would love to hear about them.


When I find a band I like, I listen to them over and over and over and over. And then I find a new band I like and listen to them over and over and over, rinse and repeat.
My husband is the opposite. He can't listen to more than 3 songs by the same artist in a row. He's always switching songs when we are in the car.
One of the last times I was in Dallas I was listening to their indie radio station (hello, Houston. when will we get one??) and I heard this first song, and I was hooked.
I hope you enjoy these songs. 

What have you been listening to lately?
Tell me everything!

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