My friend Sommer and her boyfriend Leo are really into weekend adventures, and making lists of what they want to do. So this printable was totally inspired by them!

As we head out to Nashville this weekend, here is how I filled out mine.

Any suggestions on things to eat, see, or do while we are there?
Click the picture below to download your own!


Good morning, beautiful people! It's the beginning of another week. And this is going to be a good week, because vacation! Here is a ramble-y weekend update for you.

When we received our photos from Vanessa, she sent us three of the prints, so I just used some washi tape to place them above the tv. I have been scheming for an "over the TV solution" for quite some time, so this was just temporary. They were looking kind of lonely. So I just added some random things. I've even added more things since I took this picture.

Photography by: Vanessa
THIS IS LIFE card: Project Life: Seafoam Edition
Love is a Virtue: by me, coming to my shop soon
Houston Map Print: Jazzberry Blue

This is technically from last weekend, but I didn't have an update. I went to a baby shower for my friend Lindsay. I worked at Starbucks with her, and she was one of my first friends when I moved to Houston. The shower was thrown by her super talented sister-in-law, Andrea, that I also worked with at Starbucks and who was also one of my first friends here. Andrea did the most amazing job. We had brunch and a onesie painting contest. She thought of every little detail.

We leave Thursday night to spend a couple of days in Nashville. We went to Tennessee last year for Bonnaroo, but we didn't get to explore Nashville at all. When my parents moved to Atlanta, it really swayed our decision for going that direction. But as it turns out, my mom is going on vacation with some of her girlfriends, and my dad will be out of town on business. So we are good at planning...

This weekend, we did a lot of beaching, lounging, book reading (me), tv watching, video game playing (him)...
I was inspired by my mother to clean up and organize my craft room. I got quite a bit done. Meaning, you can see the floor for the first time in a while. Which is good because in a few weeks my bests will be coming for a visit! And they need a place for the air mattress to go.
As part of my goal of simplifying, I plan on going through most of the supplies that I have and getting rid of things I have been holding onto for a long time. It's silly to have all of those things that I'm not using.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything new or exciting?
Do you have an area of your life that you are wanting to simplify?
And last, any recommendations for things to see + do in Nashville?


Good morning beautiful people! I hope your week was really wonderful. Although ours started of sad, it was full of friends and family, so that was really nice.
I mentioned yesterday that I was starting this book, well I stayed up until midnight reading last night. You should really check out the trilogy.
Tonight we are going to the beeeeaaaaach! It's so neat to live so close. We will have a little camp fire and s'mores, because you can't have one without the other.
Also, as you can see, I've updated this little happy place in my home. What do you think? It is making me EXTRA happy lately.

a neat kickstarter campaign. I would love to see the Bible laid out this way.
long lost photos of motherhood.
Gilley's to come back to Pasadena?
I'm loving these parenting abroad posts. It makes me want to move to Europe.
dinner: oven baby back ribs, crock pot carnitas, one hour dinner bread.
beautiful writing, "I met God in a mental hospital"
a fantastic take on a baby book.
what to do with all the extra belts you are tossing from your closet.
love this post about middle school dating.

Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem:
Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is right.
...for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave.
Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD.
Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.
— Song of Solomon 8:4,7

a little closet makeover.
30 questions to ask your best friend!

Well, guys, that's all I got. I hope your weekend is extra happy, and that you get to spend it with ones you love doing the things you love!


Good morning! As promised, I'm back today! And it's time to share a little bit more about my recent reads.

I'm sure you've never heard of this series, so let me tell you a little about it.
I was loaned this book from a co-worker well over a year ago. She told me I would love it. I couldn't even finish the prologue. So, I put it down. Then I checked out the audio version from the library and thought maybe, just maybe, I could get into it that way. Well, I didn't make it much farther.
Then we decided to start watching the show. And I was hooked. (Corey didn't make it past the 2nd episode) After I had finished all of the episodes, I decided that I was going to read as many of the books as I could to fill the loss. 
When I picked up the book this time I understood who the characters were and how they fit. It wasn't so overwhelming meeting 10 new people every chapter. You might think that it would be "spoiler-y" but you get to know the characters in a much deeper way, and even make connections that you didn't see the first time through the show.
I've heard that the first book is pretty boring because it does follow the show so closely, so I am really excited to start the next book.
And, Miranda, if you are reading this, I can give you your book back now...


Laurie has done it again. To be fair this isn't really a recent read, because I read it when it came out several months ago, but I just needed to share about it. Her lead characters are always high school girls who have been through some stuff. Think, depression, rape, eating disorders... you know, some stuff. Hayley has lived with her father on the road for as long as she can remember, never staying in one place for too long. They are always trying to out run her father's demons. He was a soldier in Iraq and is suffering from PTSD, and hasn't found the help he needs. They move back to her father's home town so she can go to "real" school and have a "normal" life. While she is trying to figure all that out she also has to play mother to her father.
As you can imagine, she goes through some more stuff.
It's good y'all.
The author's father struggled with PTSD, so this was a really personal story for her, and you can tell. I highly recommend this one.
PS when I got to meet Laurie Halse Anderson.


This is by the same author of Margot, aka the book I couldn't put down and stayed up half the night to finish.
Searching for Sky was another one that I stayed up late to finish.
Sky and River have lived on Island since they were kids. That's all they know. When River spots a boat, they are taken to a strange land called California. When they arrive, they are separated, and must learn to function in this new world, when all they want to do is go back to Island.
My favorite thing about this book is how simply Sky sees the world. On Island, there were no buildings, no doors, no stairs, no toilets, so when she is "rescued" she has to learn all of these things and more. She has such an innocent, child-like perspective on things.
Jillian Cantor does such a brilliant job of showing us the world through Sky's fresh eyes. She also does a good job of ripping your heart out. So, beware!

And those are 3 of my recent reads. What have you been reading recently?
The next book I'm working on is Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo.