Printable Photo Christmas cards are here!

There are seven options to choose from and 3 of those are Instagram ready! You just purchase the one you want + specify the wording you would like + email me the photos you want added. You get 2 rounds of edits + a printable file.

There is also the option of having them printed on matte cardstock or glossy photo paper and shipped to you with envelopes.

All orders placed before the end of November can get $5 off with the code: EARLYBIRD

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Yesterday I shared my manifesto of sorts, and today I am sharing how that came to be.

MARCH 4TH 1989

I was born on my due date. The first and last time I have ever been on time. To a beautiful mother + loving father + older sister. I am who I am because of those wonderful people. They are the reason for all the things I am passionate about. Without growing up in that home, I would not be the woman I am today.


This is the one that makes me cry while writing. My parents always encouraged me to chase my dreams. 

When I was little, I wanted to be a singer. When I got serious about it, instead of laughing at me, or telling me I was too young, my parents found venues for me to sing at. They took me to by soundtracks to sing along to. They put me in singing lessons. They bought me clothes to wear when I would sing places.

They were all in for me.

Lots of time later, after two years at college, my dreams changed. I had decided that I wanted to go to art school.  When I called home to talk to my parents about it, instead of being upset, they told me to chase my dreams.


You might not know my mother, but if you did you would know where I get my creativity. Growing up, she was always making some craft, or learning something new, or creating something in the kitchen out of nothing. People always commented on how great she was at decorating our home. Basically, she just has all the creativity. And she passed that on to us.


Books were always present in our house, and I remember my parents reading to us at a really early age. When my sister was learning to read, she would sit with my dad in his recliner and practice. So I would sit behind the recliner and try to learn too.

I was a voracious reader as a kid. I would always stay up way too late reading, and I always put my book under my pillow. I don't remember my parents ever discouraging my late night habits. And without them encouraging my reading, I don't think I would be the reader I am today. Because, guys, I love books.


There was always music playing in our house. And even more in our car. Remember those giant CD cases? We had several, FULLL of CDs. It was always exciting to pick out the music for the trip. We had some very specific mixes that we would listen to for specific trips. And Christmas. Oh the music we would listen to at Christmas. 

And how could I forget. My mom has a very big love for 80s music. So she would make us listen to that, while she danced and sang along. When a song from high school would come on the radio she would call her BFFs and say "LISTEN!" and hold the phone to the speaker. Now she does this to us. 


We lived 3 hours from each set of grandparents. You would think that meant we didn't see them much growing up, but we did. Pretty much every other weekend, we would load up the car, pick a playlist, and drive east.

My parents always made it a priority to spend time with each other and those most important to us.

For real y'all, I have a great family, and sometimes I forget how much they did to make me who I am. I am so thankful for them.

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Hi guys! So this is the come back story:

I was feeling like I had lost my purpose. Feeling like I had nothing to say. Feeling overwhelmed with it all.

Enter the #fireworkpeople. They encouraged me + loved on me + helped to clear the fog. 

Then I looked over at my side bar. Those are all the things I love. Those are the things I'm passionate about. Those are the things I want to write about.

It's so obvious, but for some reason, I had been in a fog, and couldn't see it.

I thought I would have to rework all of my content from here on out, but when I started looking over the editorial calendar that I had forsaken. I realized, everything I had planned fits into these categories. This is my life!

So, I'm back!

I'm going to write a little about each of these things and why I am passionate about them, and then back to regular/more exciting/more passionate programming.

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This is me writing a post saying that I'm coming back.

On Monday.

With a vengeance.

With great force.

To an excessive degree.

...those are just the definitions of "with a vengeance"

This week I've been busy getting inspired over at the #fireworkpeople facebook group. If you are a woman that wants to change the world, get your hiney over and join. Click that picture up top and it will take you there. There you will find a group of the most wonderful women, full of encouragement and inspiration. Do it. You won't regret it.

I have a whole editorial calendar that I'm revamping. And I plan on writing a bunch on Saturday!

So, it's a date? See ya Monday!

Oh, and have the most wonderful weekend, my friend!

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An encouraging word from Ashley Beaudin, because, really, who doesn't need an encouraging word every once in a while.

"You're not too little and you're not too much. And you aren't working with "less than." You have what it takes. You have the brains and the passion and the power that it takes. You have what it takes to succeed, to grow, to kill it, to show up, to be brave, to stand tall. You have what it takes to use your voice, to write your story, to say your message, to bring your fire. You have what it takes to love hard, to be kind, to release life, to go for it. You have what it takes to not just impact one or two, but to impact many. You have what it takes because you're not in lack. You are full. You are complete. You aren't striving to reach some goal where, "Ahhh, you've finally made it." But it is here. It is now.

You've arrived. Let go of the lack. Breathe in deep.

You have what it takes."

Ashley has started a beautiful community of encouraging creatives called #fireworkpeople. #fireworkpeople is a community for women who want to change the world. We are a space where you are wildly encouraged, strengthened and then commissioned to release your unique voice and purpose to change the world.

Tonight at 8PM central time there will be a twitter chat on PASSION. I followed along last week, but this week I plan on joining.

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