weekend Happy Friday, friends. It has been quite the busy week for me. I'm hoping that this weekend we get a chance to relax and catch up. We are hoping to go out on the beach tonight and have a small fire, and make s'mores. Hopefully the rain will hold off!

There is a new Wes Anderson film coming out. And a new Wes Anderson coffee table book! And How to Dress as a Wes Anderson Character. I think that's it.

I LOVED this interview with a mother living in freaking outer space!

How sweet is this?? Grandma on Google Street View

I would live in these shoes.

I'm not a 30 something, but I can relate to this article on loving YA novels.

This article about how the future depends on libraries, reading, and daydreaming. All things I am very fond of.

I love a good infographic. It's my favorite way to get the info. This one is about nutrition.

This girl is teaching self defense to human trafficking victims.

A bar graph on all the brands than Jay-Z has name dropped. Love it!

Have you heard of Humans of New York? Here is a video about the human behind HONY and a book!

I hope you have the most wonderful of weekends!


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Posted on October 18, 2013 and filed under FRIDAY LINKS.