weekendGuys! It's the weekend! Well, nearly. We don't have any major plans. I'm meeting a long lost friend for coffee in the morning and that's it. I, of course, have a long to do list, but they are mostly things that can be done on the couch next to my love. That's the best kind of to do list, am I right?Well here are some fun links to get your weekend started:

I really enjoyed these 50 things about Disney World. (the watermarks on the pictures are awful)

The Summer reading list!

A 1939 Honeymoon captured on film. How neat!

I'm on a sweet potato kick. These look yummy! Perhaps I'll share a recipe next week...

How can you not love Emma Stone? Well if you don't here are 10 reasons to love her.

9 recipes for healthy entertaining. would you try any of these?

this picture could melt the hardest heart.

Did you read Gone Girl? If you did and want more books like it, check out this list.

The ABM team always posts such great things. Here are a few posts I saved: onetwo, three.

And they were on Elise's podcast, talking about managing a team.

Would you try homemade peanut butter?

The only words to ever say when commenting on a pregnant mother's looks.

Easy peasy photo editing.

I'm super into yarn projects right now, like weaving and this wall hanging.

What are your weekend plans? Tell me everything! signature


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Posted on May 16, 2014 and filed under FRIDAY LINKS.